YOGA MASTERMINDS: Adventure Retreat

You're driven and ambitious - yet you're a standstill with your asana practice.  You take classes 3 or 4 times a week and you've finally figured out how to kick up to a handstand at the wall, but you're stuck there.  So you read every anatomy and sequencing book you can get your hands on and listen to youtube tutorial videos by famous yogis, but for some reason it still all falls short.  You just wish that you could finally meet a teacher who could help you achieve handstand and other dream poses you know you're capable of doing.

You also want to manifest greatness in other parts of your life - in your career, finances, and relationships.  If you could only take some time away to really reflect on what it is you truly want out of life, you'd have a clear path to follow to achieve all the goals that you know you're capable of achieving.

...And maybe you're also ready for a BIG adventure...

Like you, I've strived for greatness in my yoga practice and life practice over the last decade.  And now, after having practiced for almost 13 years and taught for 10, I'm now in a place where I teach workshops internationally, run a teacher training that I've created myself, and also fly across the country every month to instruct private clients on both the east and west coasts.  I've achieved a level of impact that I know YOU are capable of too.   

And so that's why I'm excited to share with you my treasure trove of wisdom - a compendium of strategies and tactics I know will help you to get closer to the biggest and brightest version of yourself...


Yoga Masterminds:
Meditation & Manifestation
Adventure in Iceland

Yoga Masterminds: Adventure in Iceland is a 5 day 45 hour meditation and manifestation retreat led by Andrew Abaria with team of assistants Lija Devine, Chelsea Foster and Josh Hankey. 

In this yoga training course, we will focus on the practices of meditation and manifestation and engage in practical exercises to help you achieve the success you've always wanted for your body, business, and life.  Each student is guaranteed to walk away from this experience with:

  • 26 hours of yoga training instruction ($600 value)
  • 30 minute photoshoot in Reykjavik with a professional photographer
  • a professional, ready to go website to promote your brand or business
  • a personalized copywriting lesson to improve your bio and online presence
  • one year business plan to help make your yoga business a success
  • a new community of like-minded (positive, driven, and hard working) yogis!

What you get (work hard!):

  • 10 hours of advanced alignment, cueing, and sequencing training
  • 16 hours of group asana practice
  • 1 personalized asana workshop to help you achieve your dream pose
  • 2 group "Business of Yoga" Mastermind modules to help you critically think through your business goals
  • A bulletproof one year business plan created with a pro business consultant
  • 7 Meditation and Marketing sessions to help you find your voice and define your brand
  • 5 professionally edited photos of you in majestic Iceland
  • 3 hour website tutorial to create your personal website
  • A personal bio/resume consulting session
  • Fulfillment of Yoga Alliance's 30 hours of mandatory continuing education credit.

Plus as a bonus (play harder!):

  • 5 nights of shared lodging
  • 5 breakfast meals
  • Complimentary day pass to Iceland's best kept secret hotspring, the Secret Lagoon
  • Southern Iceland waterfall and geyser land tour (4 hour tour)
  • Guided trek to the top of the tallest building in Reykjavik with a 360 degree view of the city
  • Free transportation to all 3 group outings
  • 50% discounted rates for private business/life and yoga coaching sessions


May 11th - May 15th, 2018
See the tentative schedule below.


Downtown Reykjvik, Iceland


Early bird $1299 (non-refundable full payment due by March 1, 2018)
*Register and pay the non-refundable $500 deposit by January 10th, 2018 to secure the early bird pricing*

Regular pricing $1699 (full payment due by May 1, 2018)

**Cost does not include the flight but as of 3/10/18 flights are $319 through Expedia (BWI-KEF 5/9-5/16)

Spots are extremely limited for a powerful and intimate learning experience.


Day 1
May 11, 2018 - 7am-12pm study, 12-7pm group outing

Day 2
May 12, 2018 - 7am-7pm study

Day 3
May 13, 2018 - 7am-12pm study, 12-7pm group outing

Day 4
May 14, 2018 - 7am-7pm study

Day 5
May 15, 2018 - 7am-12pm study, 12-7pm group outing

PRE and POST party meetings (Optional) in York, PA:
Sunday, May 6: 1-6pm and Sunday, June 24: 1-6pm

Questions? Let's chat: andrew@yogamasterminds.com

Meet the Team


Andrew Abaria

Andrew is an international yoga instructor, third series Ashtangi, and creative entrepreneur who has coached leading C-Level executives at some of the world's most well known companies like Walt Disney Imagineering, MTV Programming, and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems.  Having devoted over 20 years to the study of pedagogy, his teaching methods are both inspirational and effective, as he currently teaches clients on both the West and East Coasts. Andrew's life goal is to help raise universal consciousness by helping students find their full potential in their work and in their lives.


Lija Devine

Always ready to hop on a plane, Lija’s love of adventure and community has led her to spend close to two years of her life abroad, visiting or living in 27 countries including The Netherlands, Italy, and Denmark.

Professionally, after diving deep into the humanities of education and English education at Penn State, Leiden University, UVA, and Millersville University, Lija met her goal of completing a Master of Education degree as well as her master’s thesis focusing on the use of the visual in writing. 

She currently teaches business and English courses at HACC Lancaster, and as a 500hr-RYT, Lija also hosts well-attended weekly classes all over Lancaster, PA.  Finding joy in facilitating adventure and formulating creative logistics, Lija is excited to contribute her
 knowledge of writing and yoga to the programming for this year's retreat.


Chelsea Foster

Chelsea Foster is a 2009 graduate of the Art Institute of York Pennsylvania (formerly Bradley Academy). She majored in graphic design and has been employed within the design and photography industry for 8 years. In 2014, her client base had become large enough to support the launch of her own small business.

Her artist studio is located in downtown York, PA but her design, website and photography clients span across the world, including Hong Kong, California, Texas and many places in between.

Chelsea’s photography is focused on using natural light and shadows to add visual intrigue and accent her compositions. While photographing, you’ll find she keeps the subject in motion to capture their native expressions and movements.


Joshua Hankey

Joshua Hankey is the CEO and President of Royal Square Development, and has been a leader in real estate investment and construction in South Central PA for over a decade.  Spearheading multiple eight-figure revitalization projects in York over the last 5 years, Josh is excited to lend his expertise of construction and business development to those interested in starting their own yoga or health related businesses.

Andrew is an incredible teacher. I’ve been to numerous yoga trainings and have attended Yoga Journal Conference several times—and I have never had a teacher like Andrew before. In his class he breaks down the poses so that they make sense (yes, even the really difficult ones!) In the past, I’ve kicked up to an inversion and“hoped for the best” - Andrew’s class is different - there’s no mystery or wishing—there’s just REAL practicing. On top of that he is smart, patient, kind, metaphorical and funny. He is up there with the real yoga gurus— What a gift!
— Laura Liss, yoga teacher (Lancaster, PA)

“What I liked the most about how Andrew Abaria led the workshop is his emphasis on simplicity and focus on the small moments.  His handstand workshop was about drawing parallels (literally and figuratively) between warrior poses and handstands.  He found a way to show us that simple poses can be gateways to a deep practice and you don’t need a complex sequence to make the practice intense.  Thank you Andrew for an awesome class!”
— Benedict Bernabe, studio manager (Manila, Philippines)