YOGA MASTERMINDS: Business of Yoga 101

After a long day of teaching, you come home feeling deflated. Today was your big teaching day - a 9am, noon, and 4:30pm but your heart sank each time you walked into class and saw just a few students in the room. You didn't teach your best because you weren't inspired, and you realize the vicious cycle you're in: low attendance leads to uninspiring teaching and your uninspired teaching creates low attendance.  

You're also tired of blaming the problem on the studios not promoting you enough. You're ready to learn more about marketing and promotion to take your yoga business to the next level, but your 200 hour training only spent one afternoon to discuss the business of being a yoga teacher.  You want things to improve, but you don't know where to start: Do I plan better sequences? Or update my website? I might better music on my playlists...What about my newsletter?

You wanted this life, and you gave up your 9 to 5 to do something you love - so shouldn't teaching yoga be more zenful and less stressful? Is it really possible to make enough money as a yoga teacher?


The Business of Yoga 10 is a business and philosophy course where we will dive deep into the most powerful marketing principle that will lead to your business success - understanding that the product you are ultimately selling is the gift of YOU!  Here's how we'll accomplish this:

What you geT:

  • 5 one-on-one 1 hour private yoga/business coaching sessions with Andrew Abaria ($625 value)

  • 10 semi-private group yoga classes with the Yoga Masterminds cohort

  • 20 hours of sequencing/cueing instruction to help you create packed public classes

  • 5 marketing secrets to help you attract more private clients than you can handle

  • 5 philosophy modules to help you create a business with heart

  • 1 hour on the Yoga Hot Seat giving you direct feedback on a class you teach

  • 10 group accountability sessions to keep you on track with your personal goal

  • fulfillment of the required 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit to maintain RYT (registered yoga teacher) status

Plus upon graduation, you'll receive as a BONUS:

  • follow up trainings and exercises to keep you progressing towards future goals!



Small group Mastermind meetings
Sundays 1-6pm and Mondays 6-9pm
from 2/17/19 to 3/18/19


54 S. Duke Street
York, PA 17401


Early bird $799 (credit card or check)
$250 non-refundable deposit to claim your spot by Sunday 1/14/19
Non-refundable full early bird payment due by Friday 2/3/18

*This training program ensures SUCCESS due to its focus on one-on-one and small group coaching...because of this, space is limited to 12 students!

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Questions? Let's chat: andrew@yogamasterminds.com

As a new yoga teacher, The Business of Yoga 101 was invaluable when it came to finding my way in the yoga world. Andrew has a way of opening your eyes and really makes you do the work to uncover what YOU have to offer to your students. Once you finally figure out what makes you different than every other yoga teacher out there, the path becomes much clearer and you’re able to market yourself in today’s overly crowded marketplace. The five weeks I spent in The Business of Yoga were invaluable and have really made me look at my teaching and many other aspects of my life with new eyes. I’m ready to DO THE WORK!
— Rachel Gill, founder of Yoga Brunch Club (Havre de Grace, MD)
“Thanks for sharing your gifts at Urban OM. People LOVED your workshop, the feedback was awesome.”
— Neo Moreton, Urban OM studio owner (Stockholm, Sweden)