Frequently asked questions…


There are a lot of trainings in the area that focus on personal development.  Will this be the same for THE Yoga Masterminds YTT?

Absolutely not.  The point of a yoga teacher training is to help you transform into a confident and capable yoga teacher. While developing as a person is certainly a part of the process (and I myself LOVE personal development), it shouldn’t be the main focus.  Why? Because when you DO THE WORK to become a skilled teacher, personal development is a natural side effect. Simply studying your story and learning about why you are the way you are (and then stopping there) creates the illusion that you've done transformative work. But true transformation can only happen through action not thought. Producing new outcomes for your life inarguably requires action, and that's why I make sure Yoga Masterminds students DO THE REAL WORK!

If you don't focus on personal development, what does the Yoga Masterminds teacher Training focus on?

Asana. How to teach it well. 200 hour students will focus mostly on asana while 300 hour students will also learn the more subtle aspects of the practice: meditation, philosophy, mantra, pranayama, etc. In our modern world, the baseline expectation of a yoga teacher is to teach a well rounded, physical flow class, so this is why 200 hour students focus on asana before learning subtle body work.

I don't want to teach, I just wanted to deepen my physical practice.  Is that ok to sign up for the training?

Of course.  In the 200 and 300 hour trainings I've taken myself, the vast majority of my classmates never pursued teaching yoga as a profession. Yoga Masterminds is about delving deep into the learning PROCESS - so as you learn to help students get marked results, you essentially have the skill set to get yourself improved results too, teacher or non-teacher. 

However I will say this: 100% of students in my 2019 training (both in the 200 and 300 hour programs) went on to teach yoga on a weekly basis. This is uncharacteristic of yoga trainings in general, and speaks to the caliber and seriousness of students you will find in a Yoga Masterminds classroom. 

I CAN’T DO THE ENTIRE TRAINING and/or I don’t need a 200 or 300 hour certification. IS THERE A WAY I CAN TAKE PART OF THE COURSE?

Yes. Yoga Masterminds is a 200 and 300 hour program comprised of 4 distinct and individual modules. Each module has a specific focus, and you can take the entire training or just one à la carte. It’s completely customizable.

What if I have to miss some some of the training hours?

No worries, with a larger training like this, people will inevitably have to miss multiple classes due to work, vacation conflicts not to mention inclement weather.  Students are allowed to miss 3 full weeks of programming and will still acquire enough hours for a 200 or 300 hour certification. Additionally, extra make up hours will be made available to students mid-way through the course.

Will these hours count towards Yoga Alliance credit?

Yes whether you take the entire course, or just one module, whatever hours you accumulate can be registered as Yoga Masterminds training hours with Yoga Alliance at

I have more questions....what should i do?

Message me at  I'm happy to set up a call or meeting to help you figure out if this is the right training for you!