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I'm a yogi, musician, and multi-passionate entrepreneur and I believe in the boundless potential that lies within every human being. I've dedicated my life to leading trainings and creating art that helps others to discover this truth.  I know this site is for a yoga training program I've created and run called YOGA MASTERMINDS, but here are some other recent projects of mine:


I value creativity, structure, spirituality, discipline, critical thinking, and hard work, and believe that the path to becoming your very best self involves all these things (and more!).  And what I love doing the most is creating art and programs that inspire people to make change and take charge of their lives in order to create happiness for themselves and others.


Through my expertise yoga (and more importantly in the art of pedagogy), I've been lucky enough to have led workshops all over the world - from Manila to Hong Kong, Italy to Iceland - as well as to have coached leading C-Level executives at some of the world's most well known companies like Walt Disney Imagineering, MTV Programming, and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems.  I'm fascinated by the mind, and the potential that YOU have within you to become the person you want to be

I hope that you (yes, you!) take my training course YOGA MASTERMINDS - cause I have a feeling that if you're still reading this, that you believe in the power of your own boundless potential too.


See you on the path,


Andrew Abaria is one of the most understated, talented, inspiring teachers out there today.  Not only is he brilliant in sequencing but a star as far as motivating and coaching his students to be clear and pure in intention.
— Kay Corpus M.D., The Yoga Loft studio owner (Owensboro, KY)